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Efectos secundarios:
Levitra es generalmente bien tolerado por los pacientes. Se informó acerca de casos raros de efectos adversos en los pacientes tratados con vardenafilo . En particular , los estudios clínicos y post – comercialización apuntaban a los efectos secundarios de vardenafil : http://www.france-medicine.com/pharmacie/achat-levitra.html
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El aparato respiratorio : nariz que moquea , inflamación de la mucosa nasal.

En la parte del tracto digestivo , sistema hepatobiliar : dispepsia , dolor abdominal , vómitos , elevación de enzimas hepáticas , náuseas , deterioro de la silla . Además , el posible desarrollo de la enfermedad por reflujo gastroesofágico y gastritis.
Parte de la visión : conjuntivitis, disminución de la agudeza visual, fotofobia, aumento de la presión intraocular , la percepción del color deteriorada.
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All About Depression Knowledge

Depression is a common psychological disorder wherein the person feels hopeless or pessimistic. This normally happens after a tragedy like a death in the family, loss of job or isolation from family and peers. Most people feel depressed at some point in their lives. What’s not normal is the person who suffers from depression drastically loses/gains weight, lacks enthusiasm in his usual activities, loses focus, and is always in low spirits. The person can also become antisocial and experience feelings of being worthless.

There are several types of depression. A person with unipolar Depression is constantly in a sense of despair. Another type is Bipolar Disorder, also called Manic Depression. Unlike unipolars who are lethargic, bipolars are characterized by extreme mood swings. People who suffer from this type of depression alternately feel depressed and elated. A person with psychotic depression on the other hand hears voices or sees things that are not true. In Atypical depression, the person’s state improves with positive events. Dysthymia is a type of depression wherein the person experiences sadness which has gone on for a long time and has simply stopped enjoying life.

Depression can affect a person’s behavior and work performance. It can lead to heart problems, substance abuse or social problems. It can last for days or months. If left unrecognized or if the Depression . becomes severe, there is the possibility of suicide.Some people may not know it and some might try to hide what they’re going through. So if you suspect someone of exhibiting signs of depression, help them right away! Engage them in social activities or spend time with them.

Go watch a movie, run errands together or just talk. Depression can make a person feel useless so get them to do things that they are good at. Boost their self esteem and let them get a positive image of themselves. The sufferer should live a healthy lifestyle. Persuade them to get enough sleep. A good night sleep can work wonders on a person’s mood. Make sure that they eat healthy foods and encourage them to exercise. Take a walk and get some sun. Help them cope and see the brighter things in life. Watch out for any sudden behavioral change. If there isn’t any improvement at all, consult a doctor.

Antidepressants or a therapy might help improve the person’s condition. But for the sufferer to overcome depression, the support of family and friends is extremely important. Reassure the person of his/her self worth. Encourage them to be positive. Let them feel that they are important and they matter.Depression Knowledge. , if untreated can lead to more serious psychological and emotional problems. Once depression is felt, make sure you know how to handle it. It might be cliché but some cannot even identify where the feeling came from and why they are depressed. By self assessment and proper management standards, we could be able to get rid of it at the same time we can balance everything within our area of concern.

Issues Push You Into Depression

No one wants to face a depressed state of mind. There are many situations that compel man to get into depression. Certain situations with the helplessness drags him to a sad state of mind that makes him unhappy. In most of the cases,it is possible to show a series of very common reasons that may obgile a person to get depressed.They are divorce cases, financial degradation of bad health. In cases where people are not happy with the present state of personal relationships, they tend to stay indifferent. They avoid friends and relatives. Isolation is the thing which they are seeking. However, the fact seems totally different, it is the reverse in comparison with your thought. They face sadness and put themselves  into depression.


There are cases when people get to know that they are suffering from bad health. In some cases, doctors even declare anticipated death. In such cases, people may suffer from chemical imbalances within the brain and this may cause depression. There are many other causes like physiological reasons. Under this banner come reasons that make a may unhappy. These are the ones when he does not like the pattern of his life. In these cases, the life of a person is not as per his desires. In this case, the person may resort to silence. He may not socialise. People who get into depression often take resort to drugs and alcohol. This is a general tendency. As a result of this, the condition even worsens. In all these cases, the person suffers from degraded health. As he feels unhealthy from inside, the brain becomes even more inactive and this may cause further depression.


One of the other common reasons behind a person getting into depression is the financial degradation. A person may suffer from lack of money. This may create an extra burden on his head. This is a very common reason behind many people getting into depression. If the condition is worst, they may even attempt to suicide. Such cases may cause them to lose their lives permanently. The gloomy environment aggravates this kind of a problem. It is generally advisable that for people who suffer from this kind of feeling, very lively and colourful environments should be maintained. This will help them to recover from a sad state of mind.


Another strong reason behind a sad state of mind of people is their unsatisfied mind. Some people are very unsatisfied with the work profile and the work culture. The monotonous state of life everyday makes them unhappy. They look for variety. In lack of all these things, they tend to get sad. People who do not enjoy their wok generally find it very difficult to avoid depression.


How Does Depression Hurt?

The advertisement on TV has a question: “Where does depression hurt?” then the answer is “Everywhere”. It’s painfully true.


But why does depression hurt? After all, it’s a mental illness, isn’t it? So why do I keep having aches and pains for no apparent reason? Well, yes, it is mental, but it marches in lockstep to your physical make-up. By marching in lockstep, I mean that although depression is partly mental, and this is evidenced by, and in the way that, depressives dream, it has a direct bearing on our physical well-being.


Some years ago, when I suffered major, or clinical, depression, I used to have the most peculiar and vivid dreams. Until I learned more about depression, I had no idea at all that these dreams were actually the cause of my feeling aches and pains all over my body during my waking hours. The point is that people with depression dream three times as much as those who don’t suffer from the condition.


The depression-free person dreams about two hours a night, two hours in twenty four, if you like. The depressive, on the other hand. dreams three times that amount. Six hours in twenty four, so he or she spends no less than a quarter of their life dreaming!


The unfortunate part is, though, that while they’re dreaming, they’re not having the deep, restful sleep that their bodies need to repair themselves. They’re in the Rapid Eye Movement, or REM, sleep stage, which is when you dream. To put it very basically, you dream in order that the brain can flush away all the old rubbish that’s been built up by your thinking during the previous day. Hardly a medical description, but since the question is; ‘Why does depression hurt?’ and not the causes of depression, this description will suffice for the moment.


The important point is that the depressive goes through the night in the REM sleep stage for six hours, and a mere two hours in deep sleep. With the non-depressive, this is reversed. Now, because the person with depression is only having two hours, (if they’re lucky), of good, deep sleep, their bodies are simply not receiving the rest that they so desperately need. There’s nothing restful about the REM sleep stage. It’s called Rapid Eye Movement because your eyeballs are constantly moving very quickly from side to side as you dream.


Another problem, and another reason for the aches and pains, is that your serotonin levels drop. Serotonin helps to keep your pain threshold up, so when the levels drop, you become far more susceptible to pain and chronic fatigue.


The big mistake is in thinking that serotonin, or the lack of, is the factor that causes depression. This is totally wrong.


But that’s why depression hurts. Too much REM dream sleep and vastly insufficient deep sleep, with a corresponding drop in serotonin levels. Hence, aches and pains.


Learn How to Deal With Depression

Our world today is filled with people who are wanting to know how to deal with depression. Depression is a terrible disease of the brain that causes sufferers to say and do things that are not ‘normal’, and unfortunately, friends and family are sometimes unaware that depression is the root of the problem and usually have their own ideas about what is causing the person to act in this way. Depression is unique as an illness because it cannot be diagnosed with a simple blood test or X ray. Rather, a person’s thinking, judgment, and behavior are monitored over a period of time before a diagnosis is reached.

If depression is suspected as the cause of one’s abnormal behavior, it is vital that the sufferer receives medical attention – whether natural or through prescribed medication. The problem is that many who suffer from depression do not readily admit they have a problem. Alternately, they know they have a problem with depression but they have such a negative view of themselves that they think – ‘What is the use of seeking help if there is no hope for somebody like me anyway?’ Some think that having depression is something to be ashamed of, or that it is their own fault. Depression is such a terrible, emotionally crippling illness that will usually continue to plague sufferers until they receive treatment. For this reason, treatment is necessary.

When a biochemical imbalance is the cause of depression, medication may be prescribed. Many sufferers have also been helped through a program of counseling that helps the sufferer learn how to deal with depression. Sometimes using both these approaches can reap beneficial results. The important thing is to reach out and get help. Family and friends can also be of great help. Because those who suffer from depression say and do things that are not ‘normal’ and usually later regret, it requires family and friends to be forgiving, understanding, and especially patient. Sometimes just having a loving supporting family goes a long way with helping one learn how to deal with depression.

In conclusion then, how can one deal with depression?

Seek and follow through with medical help
Look into natural alternatives
Accept support from family and friends
Look into professional counseling

Regardless of how a person finally chooses to treat their depression, it is so important that they stick with it. They must never become over-confident and try to wean themselves off their treatment. Learning how to deal with depression is something that cannot happen overnight, so balance and reasonableness is a must.